Museums are often seen as quiet, serious places, but they can also be a source of great fun and learning for families, especially for kids. At the Bradford House Historical Association Museum, we've designed a variety of interactive activities that make history come alive for young visitors. From hands-on workshops to exciting scavenger hunts, there's something for every child to enjoy. This article will explore five engaging activities that will ensure a memorable visit for your family.

Hands-on History Workshops: Crafts and Tools from the Past

Our hands-on history workshops offer kids the chance to get creative while learning about historical crafts and tools. Children can try their hand at making traditional crafts such as candle making, weaving, or pottery. These workshops not only teach valuable skills but also provide a tactile connection to the past, helping kids understand how people lived and worked in earlier times. Each session is guided by knowledgeable staff who share fascinating stories and facts about the historical significance of each craft.

Interactive Gardens: Planting and Learning through Outdoor Play

The museum's interactive gardens are a delightful place for children to learn about plants and gardening in a historical context. Kids can participate in planting activities, learning about the types of plants that were grown during the Revolutionary Era. The gardens also feature interactive elements such as water pumps and old-fashioned farming tools that children can try out. This outdoor play area not only educates kids about historical agriculture but also encourages them to appreciate nature and the environment.

Storytelling Sessions: Tales from the Revolutionary Era

Storytelling sessions at the museum bring history to life through engaging and dramatic tales from the Revolutionary Era. Professional storytellers captivate young audiences with stories of heroism, adventure, and everyday life from the past. These sessions are designed to be interactive, with children encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions. Through these stories, kids gain a deeper understanding of the historical events and figures that shaped our nation.

Scavenger Hunts: Learning through Exploration

Scavenger hunts are a fantastic way for kids to explore the museum while learning about its exhibits. Each scavenger hunt is designed with clues and puzzles that lead children through different parts of the museum, encouraging them to observe and engage with the displays. As they search for answers, kids learn interesting facts about history in a fun and active way. Scavenger hunts are suitable for various age groups, with different levels of difficulty available to match children's abilities.

A visit to the Bradford House Historical Association Museum offers a wealth of interactive activities that make learning about history enjoyable for children. From hands-on workshops and interactive gardens to storytelling sessions and scavenger hunts, there's something to captivate every young mind. These activities not only educate but also inspire a love for history and exploration. We look forward to welcoming your family for a fun-filled and educational experience.

Nestled in the heart of Washington, PA, the Bradford House Historical Association offers a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of American history. Situated at 175 S Main Street, this esteemed museum serves as a beacon for arts and entertainment enthusiasts, historians, and families looking to immerse themselves in the captivating stories of the past. Through its meticulously preserved architecture and carefully curated exhibits, Bradford House stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the region's historical significance. The Bradford House Historical Association is not only a premier destination for those interested in exploring the intricate web of America's yesteryears but also plays a pivotal role in the community by offering educational programs, special events, and guided tours. Delving deep into the life and times of the Bradford family and their impact on American history, the museum provides an enlightening experience for visitors of all ages. Its strategic location in Washington, PA, coupled with its profound historical contributions, makes it an irresistible draw for locals and tourists alike. More about Bradford House Historical Association.
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