PITTSBURGH, PA – In a thrilling announcement for vintage car enthusiasts and racing aficionados alike, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (#PVGP) has confirmed that the Ragtime Racers, the oldest group of race cars in the country, will be making their debut at Schenley Park on August 3-4, 2024.

The Ragtime Racers, a distinguished exhibition group for 1920 and earlier race cars, offers a unique window into the past, bringing to life the sights, sounds, and smells of the "Heroic Age" of auto racing. Their appearance at the PVGP marks a significant moment, uniting the oldest group of race cars with one of the country's most revered vintage racing events.

Brian Blain, a prominent figure within the Ragtime Racers, expressed his excitement about the group's participation. "We are excited about participating in the PVGP. We have been following the success of your event for years but have never been able to fit it into our schedule. The beautiful circuit around Schenley Park will be the perfect place to run our 100-year-old race cars. It seems only fitting that the oldest group of race cars in the US will have the opportunity to run at one of the oldest vintage races in the country. We have cars from coast to coast preparing for this prestigious event." Blain remarked.

The PVGP, a storied event that has captivated the hearts of racing fans since its inception in 1983, is known for its challenging 2.33-mile road course that weaves through the scenic streets of Schenley Park. Dan DelBianco, the Executive Director of the PVGP, was instrumental in bringing the Ragtime Racers to Pittsburgh. His first encounter with the group at the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival left a lasting impression, culminating in a collaboration that promises to add a new layer of excitement to the 2024 race weekend.

In addition to the races, the event will offer unique opportunities for attendees, including the chance to see these historic cars up close in the paddock area and even participate in an auction for a co-pilot seat, with proceeds going to charity. The spectacle of racers donned in period-appropriate gear, alongside the performance of these vintage machines"capable of reaching speeds over 80 MPH"will undoubtedly be a highlight for all in attendance.

One of the Ragtime Racers' most anticipated activities is their demonstration of assembling and disassembling a race car in under 10 minutes, a feat that showcases not only the skill of the participants but also the ingenuity behind these early 20th-century race cars.

Ragtime Racers is set to run through the nation's longest-running vintage street race each morning and afternoon on the August 3-4 Race Weekend in Schenley Park. Most of these cars require a co-pilot, and the PVGP plans to auction seats for charity for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The paddock for Ragtime Racers is a sight to behold, with historic cars and racers outfitted in racing overalls, leather helmets and goggles. Racers will be paddocked on Schenley Drive by Phipps Conservatory. Vintage Indy will join them as both groups enter and exit the track at turn 7 just after crossing the Panther Hollow Bridge. This area served at the PVGP paddock for the first five years of the PVGP, beginning in 1983. Spectators who park on Flagstaff Hill can walk over to see this incredible display, see the cars and meet the drivers.

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix has long been a champion of charitable causes, with a history of significant contributions to organizations dedicated to autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities. The inclusion of the Ragtime Racers in this year's event is not just a celebration of automotive history but a continuation of the PVGP's mission to impact the community positively.

As we count down the days to August 3-4, the anticipation builds for what promises to be an unforgettable weekend. Whether you're a seasoned vintage racing fan or new to the world of historic motorsport, the PVGP and the Ragtime Racers invite you to experience the glory of the past, brought to life on the streets of Pittsburgh.

For more information on the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and the Ragtime Racers' debut, visit PVGP's official website.

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