The Pittsburgh Public Schools board on Tuesday announced that it has a new chief of staff.

Superintendent Wayne N. Walters said Lamar D. Blackwell’s appointment became effective on May 23.

Minutes from the May meeting indicate he will earn about $14,000 per month.

“This appointment marks a significant step towards enhancing our district’s operations and strategic initiatives, ensuring we continue to provide the best possible educational opportunities and experiences for our students,” Walters said in a news release.

The district operates 54 schools, according to the Pittsburgh Public School website. Blackwell will work to oversee all areas of the district’s general administration.

“When God called me to return to the district that helped shape me, I answered the call,” Blackwell said.

Blackwell has a long standing history in the education world.

He is a Pittsburgh Perry High School graduate and served as the Founding Executive Director of

While there, he created the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Region of the K-12 entrepreneurship education program. The program established relationships with a mix of public and charter schools, totaling to 25 new partnerships.

Blackwell received a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in secondary education from Morehouse College and a combined law degree and master’s of public administration from Georgia State University, according to a Pittsburgh Public School news release.

From 2020 to 2022, Blackwell served as the Pittsburgh Program Director & CEO of the Center for Employment Opportunities and previously served as the chief of staff and director of programs for the NEED Organization to help students have equitable access to college education.

“As an executive leader who faced unparalleled adversity growing up, I understand the challenges that our students face on their road to success,” Blackwell said in a news release.

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