We all get aches and pains, but what do we do when they linger around too long? Everyone seems to have their own solutions that may work for us- Ice, Ibuprofen, massage, etc., but considering Physical Therapy before any other care gives you a great opportunity to get back to your life, quickly. Physical therapy is not just for recovery from surgery or serious injury. Physical therapy is extremely effective at shortening symptom duration for many common conditions. When choosing the physical therapy, you should select your physical therapist based on your goals and expectations for care. A suitable therapist not only helps you recover, but ensures that you maximize your recovery potential. In this article, we'll guide you through reasons to consider going to a physical therapist as a first line of care in many common orthopedic and neurologic conditions.

No Referral Needed

It is not commonly known, but most insurance companies allow their beneficiaries to go straight to physical therapy without a referral. This has occurred because physical therapy has been shown to decrease time and cost for many common conditions, such as low back pain and vertigo. To ensure physical therapists are qualified to take on these cases without a referral, the standard for entry level physical therapy education has been the Doctor of Physical Therapy for the last 25 years.

Optimize Function and Mobility

A physical therapist is a highly skilled, independent medical practitioner who excels at optimizing daily function and mobility. This is often achieved through a combination of hands-on care, exercise, and education. The combination of these elements of care is essential, as any one of these treatments is less effective than when they are combined together. This combination gives patients the best chance to get better quickly and maintain their improvements, decreasing future injury potential.

Common Conditions Treated

A physical therapist is trained to manage issues that limit your ability to get around. Physical therapists are best known for their ability to help recover from surgery, low back injuries, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc., but they also treat dizziness, foot pain, balance disorders, headaches, and many other common conditions. If you are having trouble getting around because of weakness, pain, tightness, or maybe you're not even sure why- consider looking into physical therapy to help.

The Team Approach

Having a good physical therapist on your team can help you get the most out of life. Collaboration within this team is an essential element for success and physical therapists are trained to understand when referral to another medical practitioner is needed. This creates a team approach to care with the most important member of that team being the patient. Teams operate best if the members of the team have good relationships built on trust and a mutual goal. An organization like Alliance Physical Therapy focuses on creating that Alliance between ourselves, other medical practitioners, and the patients. This award winning care has now come to Ross Township and is ready to serve you.

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