For the third time, the iconic MINI has been named the Marque of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, marking its previous honors in 2004 and 2014. This British automotive treasure will be prominently featured throughout the Race Week, which spans from July 26 to August 4, including on-track appearances and participation in various car shows.

The local MINI dealership, MINI of Pittsburgh, is gearing up for an exciting summer, expressing their enthusiasm for the spotlight as the Marque of the Year. The dealership invites the Pittsburgh community to join them in celebrating the timeless allure of MINI, promising a year filled with high-octane moments and classic charm. They see this honor as a testament to their commitment to automotive excellence, aiming to revitalize the spirit of motoring and set the stage for future MINI adventures.

The official poster for the 2024 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, crafted by artist Todd Cook, captures the essence of the event. The artwork features Bruce Whipple racing his 1962 Austin Mini Cooper S, a regular contender at Schenley Park and Pitt Race. Whipple, hailing from Newton, New Jersey, plans to change his race number to 42 in honor of the 42nd running of the PVGP, aligning with the theme of the poster. The Gulf Oil powder blue and marigold orange livery pays homage to Pittsburgh's historical ties with Gulf Oil, dating back to the 1960s when the company was headquartered in the city.

The story of MINI's racing legacy dates back to 1959 when the first Classic Mini was introduced in Britain. Initially designed as an economical and compact saloon car, it soon fell into the hands of British racing legend John Cooper. Under his influence, the Classic Mini Cooper 997 emerged, equipped with a more powerful engine and enhanced features. The Cooper and Cooper S models went on to dominate the 1960s racing scene, achieving historic victories at events like Monte Carlo in 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1967.

Adding to the excitement, Vince Longo Jr. and MINI of Pittsburgh collaborate for the 11th year on the MINI Track Rides program. This initiative allows fans to experience the thrill of the track firsthand, with race-equipped MINI Coopers offering custom-wrapped showcases and on-track rides. Certified racers, led by Vince Longo Jr., provide an exclusive and exhilarating perspective of the race experience.

As MINI takes center stage at the 2024 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, the event promises a blend of classic elegance, motoring celebration, and a nod to the enduring legacy of this beloved British marque. Join the festivities and witness the MINI adventure unfold amidst the thrilling races and classic car showcases throughout the weekend.

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