A Kiwanis Park focus group has suggested either a rental/event or a community center at the Shaler Township park. They conducted a study of all Shaler parks, with a concentration on Kiwanis, to determine what is best suited for each location. The study includes what amenities currently exist at each park.

Kiwanis Park is home to Crawford Pool – the township’s only swimming pool — as well as a playground, three baseball fields, two tennis courts, street hockey, a pickleball court and two basketball courts. The two pavilions are available to rent from April through October.

“We love Kiwanis Park,” said Shaler resident Carrie Nelson. “We participated in the Christmas bird count there and the kids love the pickleball court. And the family pool passes are very affordable.”

Kiwanis Park is also adjacent to where the Jeffery Primary School building once stood.

According to assistant township manager Judy Kording, the building was purchased by the township in June 2021. Due to the condition of the building, it was demolished in June 2023.

Kiwanis remained open through the demolition of Jeffery School, with areas of the park being closed for safety reasons. Per Kording, the 30-acre park is the second largest, behind Fall Run, and is the most centrally located.

“We wanted to know if the township would support a community center in that area,” township manager Chris Lovato said.

A survey was conducted with mixed reviews.

“We were very thankful with the time and commitment that the focus group provided to the township,” Lovato said. “We agree with the thoughtful and well-reasoned recommendations for a parks masterplan.”

“The work of the Kiwanis Park focus group has been invaluable as the township moves forward in this park development process,” said board of commissioners president Dave Shutters. “Although there may be differences of opinions regarding the future development of the park, the township is committed to keeping all residents informed of any plans moving forward to continue to enhance the amenities of all township parks.”

The final report is available on the township’s website, shaler.org.

Leslie Savisky is a Tribune-Review contributing writer.