After failing your entrance exam to wizard school, you've been cursed with an anti-magic curse. Can you cure yourself and enter the wizard school before the train arrives to take you home?

Open 7 Days A Week In Greensburg Start times vary by day from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Becoming a wizard isn’t easy, but joining the ranks of the magical is all you’ve ever wanted to do. Today you’ve traveled to the special magic school and taken the admissions entrance exam. The results just came in and you didn’t pass. As a result, the Headmistress has placed a horrible curse upon you to ensure you don’t attempt further magic as she sends you home to the muggle world. Your train ride home has been summoned, but the door to the wizarding world is within reach. If you can figure out the strange curse she placed on you and prove you have the beginner wizard skills to reverse it, then they will have no choice but to accept you into the school. Failure to do so before the train arrives in 60 minutes will be devastating. Because in this wizarding world, there are no second chances.


60 Minute Missions Escape Room