Your team of treasure hunters have arrived to the suspected location of a lost treasure in the top floor of an old Parisian church. The bell tower is boobytrapped. Can you find the treasure?

Open in Murrysville Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday through the summer season. Start times vary by day from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm. You are treasure hunters that have been searching for a sacred relic and your search has brought you to a small Parisian church. At the start of the 100 years war, this church went dark and became a safe haven of protection – no one allowed in or out. Unfortunately, those inside couldn’t hide from the Black Death plague and they died inside the church – but not before they secured their most valuable possessions. The church bell hasn’t rung since those times and your search has brought you to the top floor of the building. You arrive only to find the bell tower booby trapped with explosives – this has to be where the valuables are! It becomes apparent that ringing the bell may be the only way to find the sacred relic, but it will certainly expose your whereabouts to the rival treasure hunters that can’t be far behind you. Can you get the treasure and get out before death takes its toll on you? You don’t want to share the spoils with anyone, if you survive. THIS IS A PUZZLE ROOM GAME. FIND THE CLUES. SOLVE THE PUZZLES. COMPLETE THE MISSIONS. ESCAPE THE ROOM.


60 Minute Missions Escape Room