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History The original Tower Auto opened its doors in 1967 in, what was then, a little mill town called Blawnox. We acquired the dealership in 1977 (Tower Auto Sales). I was fresh out of Central Catholic High School and only 19 Years old. The former owner agreed to stay on for a period of time to show me the ropes...and did he ever! The used car business was pretty wild and wooly back then and he taught me all the tricks of the trade, most of which were bad. This was the best Used Cars 101 education that I could have received. Once I knew all the wrongs, the rights just seemed easier. After about a year and a half, I had the presence and the ammunition I needed and I also knew what had to be changed to better TAS moving forward. I realized then, and still do today, 35 years later, that in the end, it is always better to JUST DO IT RIGHT! About Us Since 1977, I have honed my automotive skills and surrounded myself with the best possible staff given their appointed positions. None of whom have ever worked anywhere else within the automotive industry and many of them have been with me for 20+ years. We all know the auto business from all aspects. Our cars are all deliberately hand picked with over 35 years of experience and thousands of vehicles bought and sold. *Our sales crew goes out of their way to aid you in the selection process with no stress, gimmicks or shady tactics...It's not a circus! The other guys do the "push, pull, drag it in" sale. That doesnt take place at Tower Auto Sales. Just an honest, simple, friendly, "to the point," sales approach. At TAS, we don't even request your phone number so we will not hound or chase you. We are here to help if you let us. The choice is only YOURS! *Our office staff is also geared to satisfying the customer 100%. Your paperwork will already be done for you when you come to pick up your car. You will completely understand what you are signing and how the money breaks down; no fine print. We use 5 different banks with very competitive rates and simple applications. We also work with you if you chose to use your own lender. Our entire staff is here to help in every way possible! *Our service department plays by the same rules. They do it right the first time before the car is even delivered. This way, we avoid comebacks with big lists. Nobody likes lists! As for service after the sale, I admit, we are biased. We will repay you for your loyalty if you purchased a vehicle from us. We will give you a different price structure and we never witch-hunt to find problems to pad a bill. We dont try to find problems, we simply fix the problems. *Our detail and body shops have the same approach: Do it right the first time and make it look as new as possible = No comebacks!! Move forward at all times and EVERYBODY'S HAPPY!

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