Three local students are headed to the Gene Kelly Awards at the Benedum Center in downtown Pittsburgh on May 25,2024. The Gene Kelly awards are an annual awards show highlighting excellence in high school musical theater. The students attend Westinghouse Arts Academy which is a tuition free public charter school. Jocelyn Emrock from the Apollo Area is a senior dance major at Westinghouse Arts Academy. Grace Visconti and Marley Shick are freshmen musical theater majors at the school.

Westinghouse Arts Academy was nominated for 8 Gene Kelly Awards for their 2024 production of CHICAGO- TEEN EDITION.

2024 GKA Nominations:
Best Musical (Budget III)
Best Supporting Actress (Addy Janicki)
Best Vocal Ensemble (Budget III)
Best Dance Ensemble (Budget III)
Best Student Orchestra
Best Lighting Design (Budget III)
Best Costume Design (Budget III)
Best Crew/Technical Execution

Westinghouse Arts Academy is currently accepting new student enrollments for the upcoming school year. Programs available include Musical Theatre, Dance, Vocal, Theater Arts, Studio Arts, Visual Arts, and Instrumental Music.

You can sign up for tours and additional information at the link below.

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