'A Few of Kind' is a store located in the heart of Bloomfield on Liberty Avenue, where everyone is welcomed with a warm salutation and a hot cup of tea (or a cold drink of water depending on the season).

Here, you can find unique and inspiring books, small gifts, personal body care, jewelry and authentic artifacts from around the world.

We have authentic Moroccan pieces, decor from Egypt, prayer rugs from Turkey, and so much more. Plus, we have one of the best and most diverse selection of Islam reading material than anywhere in the city. Works from famous and local Islam authors including Beverly Mack, Rumi, Ghazali, Alaa Shalaby, and more are available at Few of a Kind, as are other ethnic books dealing with culture, poetry, the arts, history, food, biographies, and the African American experience.

What's more is out of all the bookstores in the city, there are more African American books for children and short stories by African authors here than anywhere. There's also an interfaith section, with readings from other faiths and ideologies. Educational books that help readers learn to read and write Arabic for children and adults are available.

80% of the merchandise in the store is donated and of good quality, but all of the money earned at Few of a Kind is used for the guests and maintenance of the Muslim Women's Guest House (shelter), located in Penn Hills, which houses needy women and their families, without regard to race, religion, nationality, or status.

Few of a Kind also hosts small gatherings and events; authors who talk about their books, movie screenings, poetry readings and more are all taking place here throughout the year. Just recently we celebrated Ramadan, one of two Islamic holidays, and a female-only Iftar.

We let community members use the space for events, and we don't charge, as long as you're not charging.

If your're interested in hosting an event here, give us a call at 412-315-7092.

Stop by from 1 pm to 5 pm, Tuesday- Saturday.

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