Edward Jones - Seth D Thompson, AAMS

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Financial Advisors


As your personal financial advisor, I help you make decisions about your money based on a long-term, goal-focused investment philosophy with your best interests at heart. I deeply believe it best to formulate a financial strategy based not on a view of the economy or markets, but rather your most important financial goals. Only in this way can I deliver on my core purpose: to help make your money work as hard for you as you did for it. Financial security provides so much comfort – emotional and otherwise. You work hard for your money. It's a shame if it isn't serving you properly in return. From preparing for retirement to living in retirement, and all else in between, I can help create a custom-tailored strategy for you. I do understand that the mere thought of planning for one’s financial future can be a daunting, stressful, and in some cases, futile exercise. This is precisely why I was sent into this world: to help you arrange the “pieces” of your financial “puzzle” in the way that serve you best. Perhaps more importantly, I exist not to forecast the economy nor the market, but to keep you aligned with your long-term financial goals, particularly at stressful times. Therein lies another core mission of mine: to help protect you from yourself. Simply stated: as your financial advisor, the only benchmark I care about is the one that measures your financial goals.