Agape Lane Ministry, co-founded by Howard and Charlyne Lane, stands as a beacon of hope and love, nestled in Western Pennsylvania. This unique ministry diverges from the traditional setting, offering a deeply personal and transformative approach to spiritual guidance and community support.

Since 1992, the Lanes have dedicated their lives to serving among Native Americans or First Nations People, imbuing their mission with a rich tapestry of cultural respect and understanding. Embarking on their journey with a simple yet profound mission, Howard and Charlyne were inspired by a divine calling to serve the children of their community through the powerful conduit of God's love. This calling evolved into a full-time ministry that has seen them living and working on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, among other locations, where they've employed a diverse array of programs, techniques, and strategies to spread love and reconciliation. Despite the evolution of their methods, the core message of God's unfaltering love and the ministry of reconciliation has remained steadfast.

Agape Lane Ministry thrives on the vision that a better life is possible, even in our broken world. Howard and Charlyne walk the walk of Jesus, embracing and respecting the unique cultural realities of Indigenous people and all races and cultures. They are driven by a divine mandate to help God's lost children find their way back to His love and discover their rightful place in His Kingdom. Their work is focused on ministering to the brokenhearted, liberating the captives, and using their gifts to edify the church and foster unity among diverse cultures.

Guided by Psalm 133:1-3, Agape Lane Ministry is a testament to the beauty and power of unity in diversity. Howard and Charlyne Lane invite all to join them in this journey of love, healing, and reconciliation, where every act and every word is an expression of God's boundless love, offering life forevermore. Whether through direct participation or supportive engagement, Agape Lane Ministry offers a pathway to a life enriched with purpose, community, and spiritual growth.