JEFFERSON HILLS, Pa.; February 28, 2024 – West Jefferson Hills School District elementary school students who participate in an after-school partnership with the Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP) were recognized at the district's monthly school board meeting.

The BCAP After School Program was created earlier this school year and is available for the district's K-5 students who attend Gill Hall and McClellan Elementary Schools and Jefferson Hills Intermediate School. The program is designed to give youth in the district's Bhutanese community the support they need to succeed alongside their peers.

The BCAP After School Program provides homework help along with skill review, project-based learning and social-emotional lessons. Students have a set homework time built into the schedule and time to play or read when they are done. The students have access to art materials, STEAM materials, and games.

The 14 students who attended Tuesday's Board meeting, each told the attendees the reasons why they enjoy participating in the program, which included being with friends, reading, getting help with homework and play time. Nearly 20 students overall are in the program.

Students in the program who attend JHIS presented the Board members with a medallion on a stand that read in Nepalese, "Teamwork is the Heart of Achievement," which is WJHSD's theme for this year. The medallions were created and printed by JHIS' TJ3D Club.

WJHSD has held two parent and family engagement events for members of the Bhutanese community this year, with a focus on technology, an overview of testing and Q&A sessions with district and school administrators.

The Gill Hall Elementary students recognized by the Board were:

Aditya Kadariya, Bhumika Kharel, Josna Pradhan

The McClellan Elementary students recognized were:

Aileen Gurung, Roslyn Gurung, Aayan Kafley, Aayush Khatiwada, Shreya Khanal

The Jefferson Hills Intermediate School students recognized were:

Khush Bhattarai, Bindiya Dhimal, Biwas Dhimal, Reyansh Khatiwada, Bryan Kharel, Aditya Khatiwada

The director of the district's BCAP After School Program is Katie Mirt, who is BCAP's Youth and Families Coordinator.

Thomas Jefferson High School representatives Aaron DeNardo and Ayomide Solotan provided the Board with an update on some of the activities, achievements and upcoming events at the high school.

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