Pretty Good Garage is a specialized auto detailing service located at the heart of your city, dedicated to providing superior care and upkeep for your vehicle. The business operates exclusively on an appointment-only basis, ensuring that each vehicle we work on gets the individualized attention and care it deserves. With its primary focus on automobile detailing and deep cleaning, Pretty Good Garage prides itself on delivering impeccable results, enhancing the aesthetic and value of your vehicle. The range of services delivered by Pretty Good Garage extends beyond basic detailing and cleaning services. From minor touch-ups to complete makeovers, the trained and skillful technicians are well-equipped to handle auto paint and body corrections. They assess the condition of your vehicle paint and execute the required paint correction procedures to restore it to its original form. On top of the detailing and paint correction services, Pretty Good Garage offers ceramic coating - a premium vehicle finish. The ceramic coating provides a protective layer to the vehicle’s body, which lasts longer than most traditional wax treatments. This cutting-edge solution keeps vehicles looking new and shiny for extended periods while also offering additional protection against potential damage. Whether your car needs a thorough cleaning after an adventurous road trip, or the paint needs some attention; Pretty Good Garage is your go-to solution. Visit www.prettygoodgarage.com to make an appointment and provide your vehicle with the care it deserves